Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things that kill it, 06/30/09.

1. The Dirty Projectors, "Stillness is the Move" video. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES.
It's my jam, it's your jam, it's everybody's jam. Hello, soundtrack of the summertime & frolicking in my sundress! (boning, anyone?)

Isn't life under the sun just a

Special shouts to my pop, my Sesame-Street-watching buddy from way back because this video takes me back to the "Me & My Llama" days. Parental figures x PBS, I'm nothing without your collaborative efforts. Thanks and praises.

Killa bees all over your fuckin planet, thirty-six chambers of death, three hundred and sixty degrees of perfected styles, etc, etc...

Oh, and all over OB4CL2, says Rae; every single Wu god will make an appearance. The outcome is critical.

Me, when I heard this news:
"Even U-God? Is that really necessary?"
We were all thinking it; I just said it out loud.
And then I posted a bunch of Rae pics I like. The end.

Rae kickin it with Brett Favre and then 2 herbs get in on things.

I wish you would apprise me of exactly what is occurring here.

And here. Thanks.

PS, you guys, doing an image search in order to cull material for this and future Rae posts yields many results revealing that there are a whole lot of cats* in this world named Raekwon.

*literally, cats. Not dudes, like "this jazz cat I know," but actual felines, named after the rap Larry Daves.

3. Phonte on MJ and demonstrating why Phonte is the bawss, reason #15,000: "My Hero Didn't Molest Them Bitch-Ass Kids."

(Thanks, Rafs!)

4. Uncle Rick producing Crosby Stills & Nash! My hip hop and folk music worlds just fornicated and made a beautiful, healthy baby.

I hold close to my heart each and every one of the precious first 16 seconds in the song below. More "Baby Logan playing with her stuffed animals on the carpet in the living room in the early '80s" music, courtesy of the 2 heathens.

File under "Song Intros That Shall Never Be Outdone, Forever And Ever, Amen."