Monday, June 1, 2009

Yancey + Dumile + Coles - "Sniper Elite" + "Murda Goons"

Hi 2005! I miss you!

These 2 were recorded in '05 and go together deliciously, prob due to the fact that they go together deliciously on Donuts. The Ghost one resurfaces 2 years later on Hidden Darts. Sorry if you know this already. Music nerdery is the air that I breathe.

Dear transition at 01:54, thank you for improving my life.
Warm regards, Logan.

And oh look, below we have yet another piece of music finery that makes me exclaim
Oh-five, you were so good to me!

The bassline, of course, but also the "Strawberry Letter 23"-esque sound and piano and horns right before the break, oh my goodness, stop it. (I couldn't find the instro in Internet form--just on a round black piece of vinyl on my floor)


Nihilist Loves Hate, Hates Everything said...

Doom 2003-05, I will never forget the nearly three years of nonstop herbage you provided me to nourish myself upon. I am only glad I didn't hear this back then so I have something new to hear now.

Also--how many more dudes can sample "UFO"? For real?

Logan said...

LOLLLL re: "UFO." Excellent point, Mr. Beaumont.