Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun design-y pun. Al B Sure!. Chico Sonido.

1. Marley lyric (not the Clapton version, ew) + typography + a pun.


2. It's the birthday of New Jack Swing-er and Human Who Has Disappeared Al B. Sure!, a trainee at the Aaron Neville Academy of Large Men with Falsetto Voices. I got all excited when I read that Teddy Riley did some production on this album; however, my excitement was quelled by the fact that Teddy Riley did not produce this particular song even though it sounds exactly like a Teddy Riley production.

Music snobbery gets us nowhere, you guys. You love this pop music jam and you'll be less miserable when you admit it. Press play and it's like we're all listening to Old School Sunday on Hot 92 Jams.

3. If I did not post something that involved bikinis and rock music, 2 items from the My Favorite Things In Life list, I would have done a great disservice to myself and to you.

chico sonido bikinis y rock.

chico sonido mas discotheque teaser .

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