Monday, June 1, 2009

"You got the wrong girl, Sam."

Cleaning apt. 302 over the weekend & organizing the vinyl mess & Casino comes on the TV, it makes a girl realize, heavens to mergatroid, I'm basically the Ginger of K-town

except not really and with less coke and fewer hustler tendencies and except that my thing is records rather than shiny things or furs.

Oh lookie, it's that album they had a whole nerdtastic seminar about and that I missed because my people did not alert me to the situation.

Oh. This too. Just cuz it doesn't really go in another post.

Otis in Zurich.

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danps said...

Very nice profile pic. It's good when you mix the presentation up a little.

Thanks for the Fabio Musta and Undescribable - both are winners. How bout some more MP3 and fewer YouTube links? Or just more MP3 anyway.