Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just another local kid from the street gettin paid for his vocal

If you see me today, come up to me and let's share a special moment.
It's an important day in my life, as it is an epic and historical day in hiphop-ery:
B-Real's birthday!

He got the clearance/to run the interference,
into your satellite, shinin a battle light.

Also, he's responsible for the best use of puto in an early-'90s hiphop song.

Nineteen ninety one...it was a time when men were men and MCs wore baggy pants like they're s'posed to goddammit. That first Cypress album came out and that's when Muggs and I began our brief but intense love affair full of drum breaks and sirens, weird filter-y effects and Curtis Mayfield and Bar-Kays loops. Muggs sounded like Shocklee if Shocklee moved to LA, learned broken Spanish, and started kickin it with a dude with such a super nasal-y (i.e., dope) delivery that he just had to put him on a record.

(The only 2 Cubans in the greater LA area somehow found each other and, quite mysteriously, both happened to possess rappy skills and have a fondness for football jerseys and bucket hats and beanies. What are the odds, I ask you.)

You gotta close your eyes/you can't stand the sunlight...

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