Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Russ & I get back together, briefly, in the name of marriage equality

After unceremoniously showing me the door when he discovered my identity as an annoying hip-hop nerd outweighed my role as a bikini-clad, industry groupie snowflake, Russell tries to get back into my good graces by criticizing my formerly progressive state's Prop. 8 debacle.

If President Johnson had to take a vote, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have passed. If Congress took a vote in 1920, women may still not have the right to vote today. And if President Lincoln went to the polls, blacks would definitely have endured many more years of slavery. We trusted our government to make the right decision and protect the minority, (and) we, as a nation, failed."

Russ is still optimistic, though.

In my heart, I know that marriage equality for every human being isn't a question of if, but only a matter of when. I ask those who feel that giving freedom to others somehow binds you, to please take a good look at what you are standing behind. It is only through opening your hearts will you be able to see that by promoting freedom for all, you are unchaining yourself. I guess I'm an optimist. I have faith in people and our government ultimately to do the right thing. And to my brothers and sisters in California, I'm there with you every step of the way until that day comes..."

OH RUSS, stop making me swoon! I'm glad we reconciled just in time for the dinner party with Rick Rubin, Uncle L and Oran "Juice" Jones. Some dudes get Birthday Sex from their ladies; other dudes get Being Leftist and Politically Aware Sex.


Anonymous said...

your fascination with russell simmons is hilarious and altogether a bit bizarre. his thoughts on prop 8 are articulate and more progressive than i would have given him credit for, but you gotta admit that "rush card," "ghetto bank account" shit is a fuckin travesty.

Logan said...

OH TAKA! Russ has a type, and that type is me, so it makes perfect sense that we have this tortured love affair. It's all a scheme to get access to the "Licensed to Ill" masters, anyway.

will.Z. said...

Please slap Kimora for me.. Can't stand that breezy. The essence of what a Pre-Nup should be ;)