Friday, June 5, 2009

Mighty Mos speaks on the Lakers even though this song is 11 years old

**SPOILER ALERT: My squad wins!**

It's amazing sometimes, these lengths my brain goes to in order to link a lovely '90s song lyric with goings-on in the world. I can connect the Lakeshow with some Brooklyn MC-ery in 1 move. I know, you guys are like, Go 'head with your master's degree, gurrrl.

Scenarios like this is tear jerkers
for the modern MC, i.e. the blue collar worker
'Cuz this thing called rhymin' no different from coal minin'
We both on assignment to unearth the diamond...

OH DANTE, my people alerted me to the news of the listening party for The Ecstatic at Union a while back but my lack of understanding that you would in fact be present in the building for said listening party led me to think Why would I go stand in a room of hypebeast-y dudes listening to that Mos record when I could listen to that Mos record in the comfort of apt. 302 while drinking tea in my onesie or bikini? This just in, I'm a dork.

Anyway, Mos, I would also like to inform you that the whole "wives of MCs" part with the way you present industry heartbreak from the lady point of view, plus the song's overall theme and subject matter that few have tackled (loving/hating the rigors/pleasures of touring), has resulted in your verse getting honorary status in my canon of Hot Sixteens From The Nineties and nobody can take that away from you. Also, did you see my post about Brooklyn? OMG, it means Broken Land in Dutch!

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danps said...

Mos got nuthin' on these guys. Prediction: BOTH will see Logan naked. You will never post this comment.*

* Reverse psychology to induce you to post it.**

** Disclosure of cheap mind game is insurance against your awareness of said game to compel you to post even if you know what's going on...or is it?***

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