Friday, June 5, 2009

The Drama Button. Language nerdery. Wu pun. Damon Riddick.

1. The Drama Button! Dun-dun-dunnnnnn.

2. "What happens when a language dies?"

"A group of linguists working on language revitalization have identified "hotspots" where local tongues are at risk of disappearing. These are places with rich linguistic diversity, but high risk of language extinction due to relatively few remaining speakers and a lack of recordings or texts that would help with language preservation."

3. Yay for rap music,
and big yay for a new/old Wu album being called
Chamber Music (pun!),
plus an extra proper yaaaay for drums of this caliber
and a beat that I love with all of my heart (!!).

But the removal of cuss words makes me cranky.
Ghostface, AZ, Inspectah Deck - "Harbor Masters." 2 STEPPPP.


4. I did not care for that Animal Collective re-rub but I still heart Dam-Funk because he's a philosopher who understands human nature.

"People just want funky bass lines."
("People" = Logan)

Plus he wants to do a horror movie score. Yes please.
And in the "Thing I Should Have Already Known" category, he was a session keys player for MC Eiht and Westside Connection!

"During the mid-G-funk era, I got pulled into sessions to play keys. The greatest thing about the West Coast G-funk era was that it was all recorded by real musicians. So that's how it was different from New York hip-hop. If they liked a groove on a record, they replayed it. So, amongst the guns, weed, and testosterone, there were some legit musicians who got work from that scene."
-Wax Poetics
(Danny Holloway article)

Mr. Weiss, it's EIHT, MC EIHT. "Eight" is incorrect, silly.

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