Monday, June 1, 2009

Domino, muthafucka

Sorry to be the annoying "Can you play _____?" girl at your BBQ, but be forewarned that I'm gonna request this one too (in addition to a little Beatnuts). I like to mix my east coast with my west coast for maximum effect.

I think you might need to be from a 75-mile radius around the greater Los Angeles area in order to fully comprehend why this song is so great. If this does not include you, I am sorry about that and lucky for you there are plenty of other posts you can scroll to on here.

Flow. Cadence. Delivery. Kam, come back and save the situation!

weekend warriors but weekday cowards...

1 comment:

will.Z. said...

Chris' geri-curl was bad ass...
"Ya'll wanna see a dead body?"