Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dilla feat. Bun B - "Make It Fast"!! (oh and Termanology too)

Don't be alarmed. It's just the sound of me throbbing with delight all over because obviously Dilla can do no wrong and Bun B can basically do no wrong so I'm a happy supernerd.

Amoeba, open your lovin arms to me this evening when I get off work. I'm coming for you, Jay Stay Paid.

"I been doin this since Slay* was on the Wild Style set."


Also, I heard that "alligator souffle with no seasoning" is considered a delicacy in Port Arthur.


1 comment:

danps said...

That's more like it dear - thanks.

Still using the zshare javascript shortcut, by the way. Very, very useful. :)