Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Day n' Nite...these 2 dumb dudes, they keep stressin my mind, mind

These "Dudes Who Will Not Be Seeing Logan Naked" Conventions seem like they're happening more and more frequently. Hating Ash is so tired and unoriginal and boring, and yet I simply cannot stop.

PacDiv, knock it off. You're better than that.
I approve of this, however.


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will.Z. said...

I can't stand both Asher and Kid Cudi. Lame. This whole era of "hiphop" is a slap in the face to the originators. Go away anytime please. At the magazine rack the other day I noticed a cover of some xyz cookie cutter rap mag, on it were (to me) nameless, faceless, ice adorned cheesebags. In the corner of the cover, "The essence of hiphop" Pffffft. I almost vomited in my mouth.