Thursday, June 4, 2009

Episode 599: the one where I post some girly music to make up for just posting "The What" lyrics

Just pretty things.

1. Jazmine Sullivan (really) feat. & produced by Waajeed (!!), "Jumpoff."

The sun comes up in the morning, I like puns, the Lakers are terrific, Red Stripe is good, and married dudes love me. After spending approx. 12.7 seconds on this here web log that chronicles all aspects of my nerdery I'm not sure how a man could take a look at me and think Yessss, she would like to have intercourse with me repeatedly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when the wife and kids are at soccer practice, but it's more comical than upsetting, really.

Luckily, beautiful horn stabs and drums of unparalleled syncopation will always provide a message of hope and happiness in one's time of confusion. Big and and girly and shiny and 1966-ish, this makes me miss Rich Harrison a little less. Waajeed produced this for Jazmine’s debut album but it didn't make the final cut because record label people in charge of decision-making often make mistakes.
OH Detroit, I love you and I'm nothing without you.

I never ever ever would've posted this in the days prior to about 2004. I was a music snob back then and a realllll pain in the ass, believe me. I'm so much more fun now. (just ask a married dude!). Also, I forgot to mention that you might have to have lady parts in order to enjoy this.


Completely unrelated except that they are gorgeous too:

2. "Revenge" feat. Wayne Coyne(!), from that little Danger Mouse/Sparklehorse industry imbroglio.


3. AA Bondy, "There's a Reason."


4. AZ, "Good For Nothin."

Oooh, somebody's got daddy issues!
I need the instro sometime last week, please and thank you.


5. The Temper Trap, "Sweet Disposition," this week's running-through-the-fields-in-a-sundress banger.

I don't need to remind you of the levels of intensely pleasurable music love heaped upon me by "My Girls" back in that episode from January, since you guys had to sit me down and have me breathe into a paper bag due to my enthusiasm level.


danps said...

See #20. Listen to what I send you, hon. Really it's worth your time.

As it happens, wife knows of our correspondance - and that of other ladies in the blogosphere, contact with other humans being a consequence of spending time online - and for all I know (and care) regularly checks my email account and sees whatever I write to anyone. Happy husband, happy father, life is good.

That said, and don't take this the wrong way, I would never ask you out even if we were both single. You are an archetype - Brainy Cheerleader - that experience has taught me I fall hard for and that falls inconstantly hard for me, leading to a situation of constant swings between joy and despair, depending on whether the BC is in the mood for my relatively low-key charms. Not a recipie for long-term happiness.

Or (shorter version): I dated you for a while in college. I know how it ends. Even if the field was clear I'd take a pass.

danps said...

Jazmine Sullivan will be my next wife.