Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Rich Harrison, show your face

Where are you, babycakes? It's almost summer and I need something big and booming and shiny and girly from you that'll provide the soundtrack as I clean my apartment, read, rooftop sunbathe, and don my new sundress as I drive back and forth between K-town and Hollywood for a rendezvous or twelve with my boyfriend. Then, in the evening hours, I find that you get me all psyched when I put you on my hi-fi as I'm getting myself dressed and ready and cocoa-buttered-up and long locks brushed for the Cha Cha. Oh Rich!

It's been a couple years and nobody does it like you...I swear you're the best producer that Stax never brought on board in 1965.

More DC go-go magic,
please, Richard. Pretty please.
My high heels are clickin towards your door!

1 Thing - Amerie

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