Thursday, April 30, 2009

Liquid Swords history!

Catch a swollen heart from not rollin smart!

Be still my little music-nerd heart! My future employer Wax Poetics did this brief piece about the making of Liquid Swords. It's not the most interesting or surprising read (sorry GZA, still love you forever and ever), but predictable Wu is still better than no Wu at all.
And as an addendum, unless you have an SK who constantly laces you with knowledge like I do, you don't know nothin bout no Lone Wolf and Cub. Look it up, I implore you.

"It's just another emcee lyrical joint with crazy smooth cadences."

"Myself and Killah Priest were in the city one day with a portable ADAT recorder I just bought. We were just walking around, going to stores, buying water, juice, whatever, and just recording the random stuff, you know, just picking up sounds and shit. I think we recorded the Hells Angels riding by [us] too. RZA was in a restaurant talking to some guy, and we were banging forks on the tables, and we just recoded all those sounds too [laughs]. So we incorporated all that into the production."

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