Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rupert Murdoch still evil, hates handsome superhero political leaders

Rupie and his Fox henchmen have decided not to show The Prez Who Can Do No Wrong's "First 100 Days" press conference tonight. Aw damn, see, now you've gone and upset me.

Rupert reassures me that it's not a decision based on the fact that he hates progress, poor people, rainbows, ponies, and civil rights, and that he uses his network to further his agenda:

"Fox (is) stressing that the decision not to air the Obama press conference was not political in nature and not meant to be a precedent-setting decision. The net didn't air a George W. Bush press conference in 2001."
Good one, Rupes! I see you! You think just cuz I listen to coke raps, often eat ice cream for dinner, and have a bikini obsession I'm not up on politics? HOW. DARE. YOU. And after further review, it turns out that the hard-hitting George Weasel Bush press conference not aired by Fox in '01 was a joint one between him and Vlady about the "new relationship between Russia and the U.S."

Yeah, umm...this writer believes that there's something not-so-compelling about George and Vlad sitting at a table together, and that, in contrast, there are many compelling things about a press conference related to the first 100 days in office of a history-making brilliant man who is the leader of the free world and who will speak on such topics as the current financial crises on a global scale, the state of employment, education, and health care in the U.S., the fact that he's signed 19 executive orders and 12 laws since he got the job, and his administration's ever-present need to practice careful diplomacy since we've pissed off about 8,000 countries during the last administration. Also, apparently there are wars we are currently embroiled in and I think some of us might want to hear the latest on that.

(Oh, and I hope he gives us an update on Bo, can I just add that in?)

PS - Rupert's lackey, fellow rich, conservative white man, American president of Faux News, and Dude Who Will Not Be Seeing Me Naked, Roger Ailes is a fellow Blogspot-er! Aw, we're like 2 peas in a bloggy pod! I'm pretending it's not fake because it makes his musings like this more fun:

"Waterboarding isn't torture. I pay good money for waterboarding.
Okay, technically, it's not water."

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