Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Axl. Again.


I sing in five or six different voices, so not one song is like another, even if they’re all hard rock. In the last year, I’ve spent $1,300 on music, everything from Slayer to Wham!, to listen to production, vocals, melodies, this and that. I’m from Indiana, where Lynyrd Skynyrd are considered God to the point that you ended up saying, ‘I hate this fucking band!’ Yet for 'Sweet Child' I went out and got some old Skynyrd tapes to make sure that we had got that heartfelt feeling.

Music nerdery will, in fact, lead to my demise.
If there's anything I like more than geeking out over music/music history/musicians, it's geeking out over a musician geeking out. Dear Axl, I too spent $1300 on music last year to listen to production, vocals, and melodies. Except I'm not making a record; I'm just a melody enthusiast.


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