Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clifford Smith & Reggie Noble (plus a little Christoper Wallace) - "Dangerous MCs"


OK, here we go. Kids cheering at the beginning + Biggie on the hook = I'M IN.
Where do I sign? Do I need to bring bus fare? Should I pack a sack lunch?

Everyone in my bloggy circle is posting the track below, and I don't care for the dumb chorus of the track below, but c'mon, it's Meth and Red, my favorite barbers!
I had to do it!

I wished with all my heart for a little more UGK presence, since it thrilled and amazed last time, but I guess a girl can't always get what she wants.

Everybody seems to like that "whore/Ferrari doors" line; you guys are so predictable! I would like to share with you, however, that I believe the following are the better verbal snippets:

Even Herbie Hancock know Red ROCKIT.

No one can stop me/"dun-nuh-nuh, dun-nuh-NUHHH," like Rocky


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