Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stunted vocabularies/word poverty. Guru and I break up. Obama = Richard Roundtree.

1. Apparently there are individuals known as grammerians and lexicographers. I'm pretty sure I should be one of them. Stunted vocabularies. Word poverty. A new word created every 98 minutes. Such word nerdery! I'm in love!

"Experts predict words like "stab" or "throw", have a language lifetime of about 800 to 1,000 years whereas the words "three", "five", "I" and "who" may last anything up to 20,000 years."

Is having a large vocabulary something you learn or have a natural ability for?

2. Auto-Tuned Guru is the most painful phrase I've ever typed. Stay calm, kids. This too shall pass.

This is depressing and racist and stupid.

Idiot on the left: "Teach me about your people and their exotic ways, black man!"
Idiot on the right: "Well, here's the trajectory: Billy Dee --> Shaft --> Obama."


danps said...

heightfiveseven: Come for the cheesecake. Stay for the linguistics.

Logan said...

OH DAN. Everyone comes for the linguistics; don't be naive!