Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fab Five Freddy told me everybody's high. Debbie Harry, 07/01/45.

She looks familiar 'cause every pale-skinned broad at every drinking establishment east of Vermont in this metropolis is doing a fierce swagger-jack of her circa 1978. The band was named as such due to dudes always shouting "Hey, Blondie!" at her, a situation wholly relatable to this particular lady. Sly fierceness and feline beauty and stylishness and peroxide and being friends with Iggy and Lou are a lovely mix, dear blogosphere.

I really wanted to post "Dreaming" or "The Tide Is High," but neither of them have any connection to KRS, so what was I s'posed to do.

In conclusion: Debbie is the bawss but please stop rapping, Caucasoid ladies of the music industry.

(Especially you, Ms. Blank. Thankyoukindly.)

Blondie - "Rapture"

KRS-One - "Step Into A World (Raptures Delight)"

PS, Goddammit, I forgot Pete & CL and Billy & Fame in my unforgettable "Clipse members are delusional" post of 2009!

Thanks, anonymous Swede who reminded me of this!

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Anonymous said...

Aw, glad i could help out, we all have our moments.
I hope, and lookin' forward too, to hear your thoughts about Grand Pubamas new album. Do it, blog it Logan!

Anonymous swede!