Thursday, July 30, 2009

Neon lights/Nobel prize. Erick & Parrish & Q & Raheem & Steel & Bishop & me. Dred Scott.

1. Living Colour are back and touring again*, and I was already looking for a compelling reason to post this beast of a song, so here we go. Oh my darling 1988, I miss you terribly!

Picture it - me, here:

August 10 | The Highline Ballroom | New York, NY (w/ The Roots)

It's a stunning image, no?

OMG, I just realized me and The Wrecking Crew have the same taste in music. Oh my dear, sweet 1992, I miss you somethin awful.

Fencin, no half-steppin, straight up and down
I gets mine, so you should cool and lounge
when EPMD is in town

Side note: you people in the booth holding microphones in 2009 need to bring back "crab MC" as a derogatory term in addressing your less-talented mic-holding brethren.

Side side note: Parrish, please explain this picture. Thanks.

3. Dred Scott, please report to the principal's office immediately with your doctor's note.
Oh my precious 1994, I MISS YOUUUUU.

And even if I'm in the third quarter, down by 40
I'ma cruuuuuise
I got nuttin ta lose.



danps said...

I don't believe you've posted on The Mountain Goats. Sax Rohmer #1 barely missed my "best music" list last year and is in the Must Listen category. Once you've sampled their awesomeness you'll know why I'm so excited about this.

Logan said...

Why hello, Daniel! You're right--I haven't posted about 'em, although I do enjoy their work. What they NEED to do is hook up with Rick Rubin; this would lead to a guaranteed mention on HeightFiveSeven.