Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh word? (My personal obsession edition)

But promote the etymology 'cause it keeps me thin
no need to talk, looked who just walked in!

"Put the Jacksons and the Grants over there."

Today's word: RECORD!

(I know, right? What the hell took me so long?)

"In the days when few could read and fewer still could write, record was used in its literal sense, 'to get by heart; fix in the memory.' Its remote Latin source was re, back, and cor, heart, thus denoting that anything back in the heart was fixed in the memory. The more immediate Latin was the verb recordor. With the increase of knowledge of reading and writing, things that theretofore had been repeated from memory or fixed in the mind were reduced to writing, and record thus took on its present meanings."

- Thereby Hangs a Tale,
Charles Earle Funk

This explanation/history makes sense, since I will inform you that I used to hustle, now all I do is relax & strive/When I was young I was a fan of the Jackson 5 just 'cause my heart tells me to.

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