Friday, July 10, 2009

And you say Chi City.

Why didn't I think of this idea for a pretty picture? Simple/genius.

Andrew Bird is from Illinois which is "where his heart lies."

We talk shit, play lotto & buy German beers...

I'll let you in on a secret, and that secret is that my heart lies in Illinois, too--in a little corner of planet Earth called Chicago. Sons of this majestic city include Curtis, Donny Hathaway, Jackie Wilson, the Chi-Lites, Tortoise, Wilco, No I.D. And KELLS, of course.

"I'm a Man" will always please and amaze me (that bassline, yes, do it to me over and over until I beg you to stop. And even then, don't stop).
But mostly I wanted to post some Tyrone Davis, a Chicagoan whose song
Fat Joe shouted out his boys over. Plus Les and JuJu used it in one of their 83 songs about sexy parts (I can't bring myself to link to it on YouTube, I just can't. I'm a little too much of a good girl; so sorry. Should be easy for you to find, though).

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