Monday, July 20, 2009

Ground control to Major Tom. Also, Apollo kids live to spit the real.

We playin on the moon, bitch! PEACE.

Just feelin a little hater-ish,

'cause focusing on the positive is so boring.

(Prince with the assist.)

"A sister killed her baby 'cause she couldn't afford to feed it/and we're sendin people to the moon."

Apollo 11 = amazing, incredible, groundbreaking, I guess, and a sooperfresh event related to the moon landing was "Space Oddity" being released later that year, but if I were running Reuters or AP you had best believe that the anniversaries of events of 1969 that would be showing up on the RSS feed would be the far more amazing, incredible, and groundbreaking events of

Sly and the Family Stone's Stand! being released (May),
War forming (Aug),
King Crimson forming (Jan),
Black Sabbath forming (Aug),
Cash and Dylan recording together (Feb),
and RZA's birth (Jul).

I see you, Aldrin. Your magic looks a little less magical now, don't it??

"Space Oddity"


PS - Every historically significant event has a Wu connection on HeightFiveSeven, gang.

Stealin my light, huh? Watch me, duke. Watch me.



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