Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sharon. St. Pauli. John Dawson. Wu. Pause.

From the I Don't Need No "Via" 'Cause I Find Things My Gotdamn Self file...

1. Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings do Janet!

"What Have You Done For Me Lately" (no question mark, even though as a grammar nerd I really want one there. OH GOD, it's killing me.)

Miss Sharon Jones's guitarist introduces her as "110 pounds of soul" when she's coming on stage, even though umm, hello, that would be ME. Also, I normally do not care for songs in which a lady singer sounds shrill and bossy, but the dude who is the object of her disdain sounds like a realll jackass so go 'head Sharon ("Miss Jones" if you're nasty).


"You should be the St. Pauli girl for Halloween!" - several 35-50 year old intoxicated white men, when I used to tend bar.

"The brand derives its name from the fact that the original brewery was built upon St Paul's Monastery. However, the name choice also seems to be an allusion to Hamburg's famous red light district, St. Pauli, which is somewhat reflected in the advertising slogans." (the never-wrong Wikipedia)

Well then. My future Halloween costume is basically a cleavage-y whore holding beer for your pleasure. But, dude, the red choker, the flared skirt, the corseted top? I'm in. That outfit is so sexy and fierce, I could probably be talked into it.

John "Marmaduke" Dawson
, 1945 - 2009. He was a founder of New Riders of the Purple Sage, yet another band whose albums are an integral part of the "Baby Logan Raised By Weed-Smoking Leftists" soundtrack.

"John 'Marmaduke' Dawson had original tunes in his pocket and a guitar in his hand in 1969 when a buddy just learning to play pedal steel guitar often joined his weekly gig at the Underground, a Bay Area hofbrau house.

The friend was Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, and those sessions set the stage for the New Riders of the Purple Sage, a group they considered 'the original psychedelic cowboy band.'

The New Riders initially gave Garcia and two other members of the Grateful Dead -- Mickey Hart on drums and Phil Lesh on bass guitar -- a way to further indulge their taste for country music. But Dawson's songwriting skills quickly helped the offshoot band develop an independent country-rock identity."

Dawson (far right), with Dave Torbert, David Nelson, Mickey Hart, and Jerry.
I'm pretty sure my pop is somewhere in this photo too.

The New Riders have all kinds of their own musical goodness that I could have posted, but since Dawson co-wrote the music of "Friend of the Devil" with Jerry (Robert Hunter lyrics, obvs) I was legally obligated to post it. I thumbed past the album cover below so many times when I was little and looking through my dad's records; no doubt, the influence that the image of the sexy lady body had on me is the reason why I have no problem putting photographic documentation of my bikini-clad self on my web log.

Grateful Dead - "Friend of the Devil"


Wu - "Windmill." Laugh Out Loud, or something to that effect.

I'm the wittiest
Most talented
rap muhhfucka you ever listened to. - Meth, reminding me of something I did not need to be reminded of.

5. "PAUSE."

Stop saying this, please, people of the blogosphere. It's almost at the level of "No homo" in the category of Ridiculous Things People Are Saying That Are Slowly Killing My Spirit.

Thank you; that is all.


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