Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Brothers on the slide! Random Tribute: Girl's "Mouse" soundtrack

Oh Keenan. Sigh.

Listen, everybody knows I do not care for physical activity that extends beyond walking up and down record store aisles, shaking my hips to rhythmic sounds, and certain things that we all do with fellow humans without our clothes on (email me if you need an explanation). Therefore, I mos def do not skateboard. Del does, and Murs does, and even Chappelle does, and normally I try to model my life after them, but I just can't get into it. Plus I'm always wearing heels and that just don't work when you're tryna balance on a plank of wood and 4 wheels.

However, as a connoisseur of a) music and b) law-breaking dudes, I heart skateboarding and skate videos nonetheless, as it combines both of these things into one. This has translated into me being a super duper skate lurker for many moons--like, this one time I saw Rick Howard and Spike Jonze at
Goldfinger's (Rest in Power, babycakes; miss you), and I basically fanned out all over Rick and didn't even notice Spike even though this was right when Being John Malkovich came out. This just in: I'm a dork.

Mouse came out in '96, and thanks to my beloved baby brother, I was exposed to its musical jewels (please see Zoo York's Mixtape, Video Days, all the old H-Street videos, and all the recent Lakai ones for other examples of videos that fall into this category. I wuv you, Jackson).
Look at the list below, just look at it! The hotness!, and next time you see my little brother, thank him for putting me up on the dopest of games and for inadvertently improving my future record collection.
Also, remember always that
Sean Sheffey is the BAWSS.

Intro: Bob Dorough - "Three Is the Magic Number"
Jeron Wilson: Eric Burdon & War - "Magic Mountain"
Sean Sheffey: James Brown - "Doing It to Death"
Jovante Turner, Tim Gavin, Rudy Johnson: Booker T and The MG's - "Time is Tight"
Mike York: some Yay stuff (Nickatina, I think)
Chico Brenes: Joe Cuba - "El Pito"
Daniel Castillo, Shamil Randle & Gabriel Rodriguez: Cymande - "Brothers on the Slide"
Friends: Curtis Mayfield - "(Don't Worry) If There's a Hell Below We're All Going To Go"
Ben Sanchez: Earth Wind & Fire - "Shining Star"
Richard Mulder: Bob James - "Nautilus"
Keenan and Gino: Royal Flush - "World Wide"
Tony Ferguson: Gwen McCrae - "90% of Me Is You"
Rick Howard and Mike Carroll: War - "Slipping Into Darkness"
Eric Koston: Joe Bataan - "Aftershower Funk"
Guy Mariano: Herbie Hancock - "Watermelon Man"
Credits: John Cougar Mellencamp - "Jack and Diane"

You watch the video and you think, Fresh! They got all these old soul tracks!
Then they decide to bug you out by putting some John freaking Mellencamp at the end, and it's so perfect. Also, there's a skit with Keenan that's greatly helped along by LL's "Radio"; I would be remiss if I did not mention this.




What's Up JR? said...

One of the greatest skateboard tapes ever. Isnt Mouse the one with the "Brothas from different mothas" interlude? Eric Koston is my man, RIP to Keenan, and Gino made the best looking shoes i've ever had. Good times!

Uppsala, Swe

Brat said...

The full soundtrack is available in a zipfile here: