Friday, July 17, 2009

Guru, 07/17/66.

Step in the arena 'cause you know my steez, oh and also suckas need bodyguards due to the fact that the wackness is spreadin like the plague and other things of that nature. He's the brother that will make you change opinions, you could say he's sorta the boss so get lost, and it's his birthday!

Even though Premier is incumbent Best Human in America right now in my current life ('94), I'll throw a shout to Guru since we're celebrating that glorious day when his monotone and bald head entered the world. Plus he let Jeru jump on "I'm the Man" and that allowed Jeru to make power moves on future records--most importantly, records sitting on my living room floor at this very moment.

I love a dude who reps Boston semi-hard and doesn't pronounce his "r"s (loose in the pahhhk/or lurkin at the train station), plus dude is wicked poetic and comes up with pretty imagery like The brain wake causes vessels to circulate/Like constellations reflect at night off the lake, so I think he and I would get along real nice. I'd buy him fresh dipped gear and I'd never, ever say he'd better quit hangin with those derelicts.

But I don't know if you guys realize this: I'm height five seven, so in heels (which I am about 83% of the time) I would tower over him is his 5'8"-ness. This would make me uncomfortable if we went to lunch on Lansdowne Street or went walking in Roxbury or did other Bostonian things. However, I am still interested in maintaining our current relationship in which he pleases me in my headphones and I do little/nothing to repay him. That works well for me. Teamwork, baby.

The righteous pay a sacrifice to get what they deserve.

There are so many in his oevre, I didn't know which one to was either this or "JFK to LAX." Or maybe that one with Big L.

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