Thursday, July 9, 2009

Assorted hip-hop-ery for a Thursday morning

1. When my regular Texas boyfriend Bun B is out of town, I cheat on him with Devin.
(or Scarface)

Anyway, here's another one of those videos that are surprisingly entertaining even though it's just "rapper sitting in room, smoking weed and watching videos and finding everything hilarious." The things is, though, that rapper is Devin the Dude.

Dev's waiting to inhale & just tryin ta live. And it is fascinating. And I could watch this all day. And I probably will. And please don't tell my boss.

2. Joe Budden is the THIS GUY of the last several weeks. While taking a break from cyber-thugging, and in an attempt to sell some units, he makes a Meth diss record. I do not appreciate this. And then Deck's all, "You said mean things about my friend" and makes a song, in turn, disparaging Joe's lady, his rap skills, his appearance, and his inferior record-selling abilities. And then I feel like all is right with the world again. Those Wu gods are so clutch. Swoon.

I don't believe this will end well for Mr. Budden.

Inspectah Deck - House N---a (Joe Budden Diss) 5STARHIPHOP.COM.mp3

3. Go 'head! Best name for a web log I never thought of!


danps said...

Oh my. Let me guess: Amor Jones & Praverb's "90's are over" message makes them persona non grata on this here weblog?

What's Up JR? said...

The only way for semi-rappers, like Joe ,to get some attention is thru beefs. I don't understand why Royce, Ortiz or the westcoast guy (mindblock) would wanna work with this chump. But still, look at 50 Cent, he's success started out the same way. Did'nt he fuck with Ghostface? I don't understand this, WU-TANG CLAN suppose to be nuttin' to fuck with?