Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The mic's his instrument, his skills are infinite, catch a hint from it

'Cause it's the Large Professor!

New (old) music from Extra P!

All together now:

"Queens Lounge," because duh, Queens run this.
(Sorry, Daym! Wah-wahhhhh.)

(Taken from that album of his from '95, The LP. It never got released because, say it with me now, industry types are a buncha morons. The record soon come, though. I will keep you informed of developments regarding this future event as more information becomes available.
OH MY DEAR, SWEET 1995, COME BACK and save us! I miss you! Love, Logan)

Oh and here's me in the future, in my future shirt, that I shall wear in the future whilst listening to Large Pro and Tribe and Run DMC and LL and Organized and Mobb Deep.
OMG future me is so foxy.

To my peoples throughout Queens, God bless your life!

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