Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ian, 07/15/56.

"I used to work in a factory, and I was really happy because I could daydream all day."

- Ian Curtis

My predictability makes me very easy to shop for (records, ice cream, bathing suits make me happy), and makes me pretty cute. For example, the way I am such a prototypical girlnerd when it comes to music and the way I love tortured musical boys is SO tired and so expected of me, yet you LOVE this about me.
Therefore, if I did not lovingly craft an Ian Curtis Birthday Post, I would have let you down. Here we go.

"No language, just sound,
that's all we need know,
to synchronise love to
the beat of the show."

Ian will always be 24, beautiful, and British; he's frozen in time, a sad, pale cartoon character who dances spastically. Nothin else to say about him, really, without delving into cliches, other than that voice of his was so next-levels odd and lovely--a deep baritone coming out of his dainty body. It didn't make sense but this is why we love it, I think. And it's hard for this here music dork to focus on the Joy Division vocals in particular when it was the sounds of Joy Division as a whole that saved the late '70s pop-music-sphere. I mean, the almighty Stephen Morris drum-machine-ish fucking fierceness, so on point and robotic but warm at the same time--come the fuck on, people. But this is Ian's post and so I shall just say Happy birthday, wanker and thank you for giving us what you gave us despite being so far down in the depressed mental trenches, and leave it at that.

a) "Love Will Tear Us Apart".
An obvious one, duh, but I could not omit it.
We all know/love/can't handle/worship its greatness.

My people tell me that there's this band called Fall Out Boy, full of Caucasoid d-bags with too much Ativan and far too high opinions of themselves, and they covered this song. This just in, please kill me. Please.

"New Dawn Fades." The voice is all clenched-sounding, it'll make you want to cry.
(Or maybe that's just me.


c) Now stop looking so goddamn moribund! Ian can pull off Depressed Artist, but you really can't, so press play below and stop moping. Life is wonderful.

d) LCD Soundsystem - "No Love Lost." BLIMEY, this is bloody fantastic.


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