Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nuttin make a man feel better than a wuh-mannn

Enough to make a hardrock smile.

Teamwork make the dream work!

Clifford + Mary sweetly cooing at each other over a beat in '95 made us all feel like sitting on the roof of some NYC building with your baby under a gray sky, both of you in hats and flannels, is the most romantic thing in the world--which I guess it is, if RZA is providing the backing track for your roof-sitting rendezvous.

cuz we above
All that romance crap,
just show your love

"I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By."


XXL Mag has this feature about hip-hop duets that I devoured upon first seeing. I was geeked, amped, and psyched about this story, especially when one of the back stories was about a duet that a) is superdope, b) has a Wu god on the track, c) has Biggie on the hook requesting that we fuckin die together and d) is from '95 (please refer back to point a). Coming soon: my feature about hip-hop duets instead of boosting content from hip-hop periodicals. (Or not, if I get distracted.)

Cheese Wagstaff is a heartthrob and pushes a Lex, says RZA.

"We were working on [Meth’s solo LP] Tical. At the time, Wu-Tang was on top of the game. Me, as the producer, always liked to have a few songs on the album that had something that the females could get into, as well, but kept it rough. I always had the idea that Method Man was the kind of artist that could attract females, even though he never wanted to be that kind of artist, ironically.

The album was [out], probably close to platinum, and we wanted a new single. We did the hardcore thing. 'Bring the Pain.' 'Release Yo’ Delf.' I was like, 'Yo, let’s do the song ‘All I Need.’ Let’s make it a single.' Meth was like, 'Hell no, hell no. I don’t want no song like that.' He don’t want no song about him talking about girls, ’cause he didn’t wanna be a sex-symbol-type rapper.

And so I was like, Lyor wanted it. I wanted it. We were gonna remix it and everything. And he was like, 'Nah,' still. So we had to make a deal with Method Man. We had to promise him I’d get Mary J. Blige on it, and I promised him we’d get him a new Lexus. And it was the new Lexus that finally tilted him over, and he agreed to do it.

I always kinda admired (Meth's and his girl's) relationship. I seen it as an early form of my relationship. I remember telling him, like, 'Yo, do this song, yo, you know, for your wiz. And, like, it’ll really be special for her, be special for all women.' We wrote the song. We would talk about the ideas and what kind of words to put in to make it feel strong for women, as well as keep his cool. And I think lyrically he did that, yo.

Everybody knew we had a hit on our hands. At the time, our egos was immaculate, anyway, so it was like it was no doubt about what the fuck we was doing. The only thing was convincing Method Man that he is definitely one of the grittiest rappers, and shit like that. He is 'Bringing the Pain,' and, you know, his husky voice, but letting him realize, like, 'Yo, women and children love you, baby. The thugs love you, but the women and children is mad over you, and feed them.'"

And then Rizz said, "interview's over, bong BONG" and went off to a chess tournament.

PS -

I posted this back in April and these 2 music-making Earthlings in this alleged band allegedly called You You're Awesome are still a big mystery to me.
Where did you come from, baby?/And oooh won't you take me there?

I know nothing about the band, but please press play and what you shall hear is the latest in a string of summertime headphone porn in apt. 302.

You You're Awesome - "For the Queen"


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