Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunny Saturday musical loveliness: Freeway - "Freeway's Beard" & Mr. V - "Put Your Drink Down" (Big Space remix)


Freeway got it in like 10 in the mornin!
And I can get it to ya like 10 while you yawnin, mang!
Still deliver the order, mang!
And I ain't talkin bout chicken and gravy, mang!

Metahiphop! I couldn't tell if this was fresh or wack at first, but I was driven by a higher power to post it because of its strongly self-referential quality. After repeat listenings, the final word is that it is so freaking dope I almost can't stand it.

Freeway- Freeway's Beard _ 5STARHIPHOP.COM.mp3

That last verse--"Abe Lincoln/Grizzly Adams/Kenny Rogers," WHATTTT.
(No Rick Rubin rabbinical facial hair mention, though? Tragic.)


NICE HAT, South African music producer who makes bangers!

(But I would've posted this song even without the Lakeshow lovin, because it really is a banger. Listen to the whole thing in some trusty headphones, and get your banger-radar calibrated if it doesn't sound like a banger to you.
No, I'm serious--get it checked out. I'm worried.)

I do like songs that boss me around, a la "Gimme the Loot."
However, I will NOT be putting my drink down. I can do many things while keeping my Red Stripe intact; you'd be surprised.

(Thanks, Fader!

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