Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Orenthal James, Detroit, & Oxnard.

'SC football + Madlib + Guilty + name pun = yes please.

OJ Simpson (Guilty Simpson & Madlib) - "Coroner's Music"
"Pull more strings than Geppetto."

"Stones Throw Records representatives warned, via press release, that neither the group (name) nor their content bears any resemblance to the controversial NFL star football player and onetime murder suspect."

EL OH EL, Chris Manak! Good one, funny guy.
Since we're squashing assumptions and setting the record straight, I would like to inform you all that the title HeightFiveSeven is in no way a reference to a certain lady blogger's height, nor to a lyric by the mighty Roots crew. I simply wanted a 3-word blog name that started with H and that's all they had left at the blog-title warehouse. I'll thank you to refrain from deducing anything else, oh and also, stop making an ass out of u and me.



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