Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Proton - "Fuck the Economy"

Well OK dokey kastout
I swear to God I got the highest boomin Cadillac
The expialalistic Coupe de Ville
Can you handle that you rat...

Big Boi knew it back in '94, that big hulking American luxury cars are recession-proof.

Press play. Party like it's '99, you maniacs.
These 2 are from Atlanta and when they make the inevitable move to LA and I run into 'em at Canter's after they done shopped at HUF and Diamond, I'll be like, Hey, how bout Wilkins and Vick and the
Star of the Show, your dude, my dude: Michael Turner, who gets me 8 thousand Fantasy points every Sunday?...
('cause, you see, the only things I know about ATL are sports teams and music gods. And the 2 of them are probably tired of talking about music gods, being asked about the influence of So So Def and LaFace and Grand Hustle and whatnot.)

They wrote this gem on their MySpace page that goes like this:

Remember the apartment complex Cee-Lo spoke of on Goodie Mob's "Cell Therapy"?
Proton was founded in unit E-5.

Plus, here's what they wrote under "Sounds Like":

Awww shit, here we go...

Add it all up, coke references and some sitar and subject matter lacking in substance, and I'm oh so pleased.

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