Monday, July 27, 2009

A real quick Phil Spector x Lords of the Underground post.

I'm dealing in rock'n'roll.
I'm, like...

I'm not a bona fide human being.

Phil's such a sad little man but he embodies the tortured/brilliant archetype; I know you're with me on this one, dear blogosphere.

1970, Plastic Ono Band sessions;
John & Phil, in between bumps, layin it the fuck down in the studio and trying to work out John's mommy issues on wax.

This brings us to what is my only point, really.
And that is that basslines are, in case you forgot, the sex.

Press play below, and be inspired, and try with all your might to refrain from jockin your own fresh, brushing the dirt off your shoulder, and reporting to all those around you I'm a hustler, baby/I just want you to know.
(It's impossible, but you can try anyway.

(super ear-pleasing bass courtesy of Klaus Voormann, who also designed the Beatles' Revolver cover)

The kids around the way used to think that I was buggin

But they don't understand how I feel about the funk
I walk with the funk, I talk with the funk
I eat with the funk, I sleep with the funk
I live for the funk, I'll die for the funk
So now what do they say, when I'm walkin up the block?

- Mr. Funke,
nicely putting into words my feelings about the song by
the glasses-wearing British white man chief rocka above.

PS - In an incident I like to call "Crazy Recognize Crazy, July 2009," your dude Charlie Manson would like Spector to produce his music since, you know, they're both kickin it in the pen and have all that free time on their hands.
Helter fucking Skelter.

"A guard brought Philip a note from Manson... He said he considers Philip the greatest producer who ever lived," Spector's wife Rachelle told the New York Post. I too consider Philip one of the greatest producers who ever lived, so Charlie and I are similar in this regard.


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