Thursday, July 23, 2009

Slash, 07/23/65. Haile Selassie, 07/23/92.

A post full of GN'R and reggae; this could only be MORE about the favorite music of the white man if I added some Wu-Tang.

Damn a ni--a tote
More guns than roses,

Foes is Shaking in their boots,
Invisible bullies like The Gooch


Selassie I!

Ethiopians/Jamaicans have their king of king, lord of lords, conquering lion, and I have mine (Rick Rubin).
Please enjoy the video below of this dude Robert saying one of Selassie's speeches with some musical backing.

PS - Selassie with a nerdy white girl (Eleanor Roosevelt) in '54. Clearly he has a type; I think he and I coulda had a thing.


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