Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Andy Bernard of this rap shit.

"I must admit on some occasions
I went out like a punk and a chump,
or a sucka or something to that effect."




Anonymous said...

Beacause this is my favorite blog, i thought you would be interested in Mats Nileskär. He's my favorite soul/hiphop journalist and every sunday he's got a new artist which he delicatly dissects. So if you have a couple of minutes to spare, i urge you to look it up.

Listen to this Busta Rhymes special. The real interwiew starts about 15 minutes in, when Mats think that Busta reminds him of Dizzy Gillespie.

Daniel said...

"this fucking guy"

I heard he wanted to collaborate with Premier and Pete Rock on his next album.
"...that New York sound, and that ’90s sound. I really wanna get in on that.”

Logan said...

Thank you both for commenting, gentlemen! Sorry I was so late with posting the comments. If I were the cussing type, I might say something like "Fuckin Blogger"...