Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pedro Bell gets the hypebeast treatment

Ryan Hickey was always underrated! Moving on...

Supreme put together this feature about the stupendous Pedro Bell, who designed all the Funkadelic cover goodness.

I grew up in atheistic, heathen, analog bliss in a cloud of weed smoke thanks to my leftists for parents, the 2 least uptight people on the planet who had the whole discography up to Uncle Jam Wants You. I remember being a kid and seeing booties and nipples and nekkidness on these covers, and look, I turned out just fine. Mom and Dad/they knew the time!

Supreme also decided to provide us all with this tour de force of a t-shirt. If you're my future husband, congrats, cuz you're gonna get laced by me. Act surprised, tell me I'm the greatest, put D'Angelo's "Lady" on the hi-fi in tribute to me, and then graciously let me borrow the shirt, k? (thanks in advance; I'll wear it as pj's).

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