Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rae understands me and is my soul mate.

Tell a friend/it's that symbol again!

(First of all, class is in session over here, thanks to my SK knowledge peddler. Wu recognize Wu! Gentlemen in attendance, I'm really gonna need for you to have a thorough grasp of some kinda Wu history before I let you have a thorough grasp of my body. Tee hee.)

Now we must switch Wu gears and focus on a different god...the swift chancellor, flex, the white-gold tarantula! He's been everywhere lately due to all the talk about Cuban Links, the sequel, this time it's personal, so it would make sense that he's been everywhere lately on this little web log.

This interview will excite you. Oh wait, you're not me, so it probably won't.
It sorta made me feel all kinds of amazing (which doesn't take much, let's be honest) because Rae reveals that he loves that Port Arthur, diamond-dipped, big-boned rapping superhero who's the bawss of the Gulf!

"...the stories that we talk about on the album, it’s a perfect fit. So don’t think you gonna hear me going into some south shit. Because I can kill some south shit if it’s hard enough, but Bun stepped in my chamber. And me and Bun is almost the same kinda n---. We got the same kind of life stories. So it makes sense [for us to collaborate]."

"I feel like he a cuban link n--- within hisself, and he talk that talk...I’ma big, big fan of Bun B."

ME TOO, RAE! I knowww, isn’t he the best? Twitter me about it; let’s keep the dialogue going. I wish Bun would step in my chamber too. Sigh. Draped up, dripped out, throwed, trill, allothat.

"To Port Arthur"

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