Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fabio Musta feat. JERU! - "Open Up Their Eyes"

Some Italian music-producing human named Fabio Musta has put together my next favorite Hot Guest Appearance album. (Sorry, Jake One! You had a good run, babycakes). The song is a bit melancholy but it sounds nice, plus, hello, rap music that uses KRS voice snippets on the hook will always win a spot on this here web log; have we just met?

OH JERUUU, my favorite university professor masquerading as an MC with a sick flow, I've missed you! I always feel like I should go vegetarian and cover my ass in more than a bathing suit whenever I listen to you. "Put some clothes on that ass if you respect yourself," he tells me.
Luckily, I quickly get over this and move on to some Mannie Fresh- and Polow da Don-produced stuff to dumb it down a bit, you know, keep things interesting.

Listen, a girl can have her spiritual game tight, her Brooklyn backpack rapper game tight, possess knowledge wisdom understanding/like King Solomon's wealth, and like to lounge around in a bikini. We can vote and wear pants these days, too.


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dan said...

I believe it was Yul Brenner who said women have an advantage because if they can't get what they want by being smart they can get it by being dumb.