Monday, May 11, 2009

2 things that kill it, 05/11/09. And 1 thing that does not.

1. Next to "Let me set your body aflame/I'll never treat you like a dame or run game..."

"DOOM now on vinyl" is the sweetest-sounding phrase in the English language.

- Link


"I'm waking up every day and thinking, 'Man, I'm Pops,' he said. 'Back when my Pops was like, "Turn that mess off, all it is is garbage, you don't know nothing about real music"' -- I'm doing that now."

"People are like, 'You're giving it away for free? What's the catch?' I'm like, 'There is no catch. You ain't gonna buy it. I know you ain't gonna buy it. But you might listen to it if I give it to you.'"

3. A world of NO:

I thought Lupe had been successfully eradicated-? OH DEAR, it appears that he has a new album set to torture us all. That's weird, cuz I didn't realize kindergartners could get record deals. This was allegedly written by a grown-ass man, even though it reads like a book report from Mrs. Martin's science class:

Easy on the exclamation points there, buddy. Now please get yourself to the studio so you can put in a hot guest appearance on Kid Cudi's next masterpiece.

PS, bonus "Oh Word"-age: "Laser" is an acronym! I know, just when you guys thought I couldn't get any sexier. The line for marriage proposals forms to the left.

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