Saturday, May 23, 2009

I can do all things through LeBron which strengthens me.

Last night I screamed in amazement when The Event occurred and it scared Gabrielle's dog Henry. She was not pleased. Sorry, Henry and Gab.
But Jesus Christ.

Now, in keeping with our Ohio theme, we must post another one in our "Rappers From Cleveland Who Joined Forces With Rick Rock and Murdered The Flow/Bassline/Subject Matter Game in '06" series.

Let me walk you through it:

1. UGK mention, Pimp C appearance, Bun B appearance!
2. White girl mention that passed radio censors because the FCC doesn't know slang terms, in the same sentence as the UGK mention ("and since I'm movin my yay...")
3. Lack of redeeming social value
5. Scarface quoting NWA
6. Scarface quoting PE
7. KRS reference
8. Scantily-clad girl without fake body parts, as far as I can tell. Refreshing.
9. Bassline
10. Devin the Dude mention, Devin the Dude at the car wash
11. Delivery

(this whole post has really just provided an excuse for me to post this song; thanks for indulging me, dear readers!)

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