Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday morning (yayo & Members Only jackets edition)*

We all know how life is not worth living without my precious coke raps.
However, a lesser-known fact about me is that I love coke rock as well.

"This song is about what happens to you when you take too much white powder" - Pete Townsend. Press play and let it build--don't skip ahead, dummy, you gotta stay with it for the whole super duper long instrumental intro. It's the sonic version of being chased by Crockett & Tubbs, trying not to drop your Ray-Bans while you're running cuz they cost like fifty bucks and that's a lot of money in 1985.

* also file under "Basslines That Make Me Wanna Take My Pants Off"

If you were in the car next to us at Coachella '02 when we had Uneasy Listening on in the CD player and I heard this song come on, that was me exploding with delight in the passenger seat and I'm sorry if I scared you with my unbridled emotions. (Also, wasn't Z-Trip ah-mayy-zing?? "Bombs Over Baghdad" x "Sober," STOP IT in the name of aural fornication and all that is good and holy.)

Additional apologies go out to you, anonymous record store shopper in Ventura circa 2005. See, what happened was I found It's Hard on vinyl, so....yeah, sorry. That was me who freaked out slightly when I pulled it from the bin at Grady's.

Research tells me that Townshend wrote this about self-indulgent, numbed-out coke fiends of the '80s; they're at a party hiding behind a facade--their "eminence front," if you will.
It's a put on/it's a put on/it's a put onnn

Years later, the children of these people will have all congregated in Los Angeles, I swear to Jesus, in order to introduce themselves to me 9 times in the same night at Teddy's in '07, propose bathroom stall activities in an unsexy fashion, and inspire 58 Clipse songs. Wamp wamp.

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