Saturday, May 16, 2009

Squincy Jones - "Pop Trunk Nintendub"

OK, I need a minute of your time:
CRUNKSTEP is my new fornication partner! (at least for today)
Once again, I am dismayed that there's been music in existence that comes from Texas and that would make me happy but that the universe withheld from me until now. Being deprived doesn't look good on me; I like stuff
now, and in large doses, thankyoukindly.

Busta, plus some 5th Ward trunk-poppin, stirred until thoroughly combined and poured into a pan and baked in a Nintendo oven by our hero, the comically named Squincy Jones. He's got some kind of mixtape from last year that's download-able but I don't really care. You guys, he's from Houston--do you think he knows Bun? Will he introduce us? Will I have time to gain weight by then so Bun looks at me like a man's supposed to?? Such is the dramatic existence of a female music nerd with a web log.

I invited this jammy over to my place and I wanted it to undress me and corrupt me the whole time we hung out. I know you're dying to hear details but that's just not how I do things. A classy lady never tells.

Headphones, you need 'em for this.

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