Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hold it now, HIT IT

"The past is a work of art, free of irrelevancies and loose ends."

- Max Beerbohm

Live it, love it, own it, shut it down, change the game, break my heart into a million tiny pieces.

Summer of 87, according to that caption. I'm pretty sure this busload of illustrious mic wielders would not have appreciated a very very young Logan tagging along (no rack, no hips, all I cared about was juice and rainbows and ponies during this era). See, cuz this was back before MCA got Buddhist, back when Adrock was talking about using Wiffleball bats inappropriately. I kinda miss those knuckleheads. Sigh.

Rickster, I wish you weren't such an egotistical jackass (don't try to deny dude, I've heard stories) because I am in deep, throbbing love with your photographic stylings.
I kinda have this thing where if I like someone's creations I assume he/she is a nice individual. This, I have found, is not always the case. Disappointment, tragedy, frowny face, etc.

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