Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Booming like a speaker with my hundred dollar sneakers/baggy black jeans, knapsack, and my beeper

Aw, you know I can't resist a room full of crabby old people talking about back when times were good and music really meant something! Who's comin with me?

Goddammit if I'm not strangely fulfilled by being caught up in a crowd of fellow pale-skinned college graduates in a dark room, watching old people clutching microphones, reciting couplets into them, and walking to and fro on stage. Also, I enjoy
being stared at like I have 3 heads for being 1 of like 7 humans with lady parts at a hiphop show.

In closing, people of Earth and the blogosphere: if I am not in attendance at this show I will be filled with sorrow and regret for the rest of my days.

5ft, Evil Dee & Buckshot!

(Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin Music Out On Nations.
It's an awful, awful, terribly wack anagram. Sorry to have to bring you this information.)

PS, I need to post this before I pass out from an overdose of "Clothing Item That I Must Own"--
Hi there, Dawaun Parker!,
Dr. Dre protégé (YAY) and "Relapse" producer (NOPE),
and my newest BFF who will let me have this shirt
so I can lounge around my apartment in it
and practice being extra hiphop in it
and sleep in it:


Rafi said...

nice lineup. i may have to check this out. but it's also an easier trip for me.

takabeats said...

which came first? "Black Moon" or "Brothers who Lyrically Act and Combine Kickin' Music Out On Nations"?

In other news, "Protons, Electrons Always Cause Explosions."

Logan said...

Oh Rafs, a little thing like geography is not going to stop me from seeing your favorite rapper Vin Roc live and uncut.