Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logan. Sarah. Ron-Ron. Rakim.

1. People named Logan are amazing. This concludes today's lesson.

I first saw these via that SK blog that I'm a groupie for, but for some reason it was not conveyed to me that the legendarily named Logan Walters is the human behind them. Get 'em, Logan! Don't you dare stop! Here's the Cuban link. (tee hee)

The epicness of Sarah Palin's Twitter background makes me feel like going to church and talking with a Fargo accent and shooting wolves from a helicopter. Classy and understated.

3. Pouty face. I don't feel like talking about it. I'm good; I just need a little time.
And maybe a pony. And some ice cream.

OK, Ron Artest, let's chat for a moment. You get points from me for generally being crazy and entertaining. I don't care for the choking of the girlfriend, but surprisingly I think brawls are kind of amusing so you occupy a warm, special place in my tomboy heart from way back in '04. Ohh, and the Circuit City thing that my little brother told me about. CLASSIC.

Why don't you take yourself and your lovely hairdo and focus more on that label of yours? Also, you seemed to have some real weed-selling skills so that might be the industry better suited to you. Start yesterday, please. Your services won't be needed on Wednesday, k?
Bye bye.

4. Thinking about Rakim being produced by DJ Quik makes me a little cranky. (I reserve the right to deny ever making this statement if I love the end result.)

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