Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Things that you will love because I do and that will distract you from my lack of original content, 05/27/09

"Well, I thought.
This is how the world works.
All energy flows according to the whims of the Great Magnet.
What a fool I was to defy him.
He knew. He knew all along.

1. "Fear and Loathing" board game!! (+83 more exclamation points to really drive the point home)

Challenge, Dose, and Activity cards to draw from.

2. "Last Day Dream," by Chris Milk. You'll wanna watch it overandover.
(Sorry for the pervy image.)

Last Day Dream [HD] from Chris Milk on Vimeo.

PS, he also did THIS:


3. Cold War Kids video for "I've Seen Enough" that lets you play God.
(Music God, of course. Is there any other kind?)

Click on each dude to mute or unmute him.

Bye-bye, work day. I had the best of intentions when I came into the office, I swear.

1 comment:

Sebastian said...

ooo shudder @ last day dream. I don't think I could bear to watch that more than once.