Thursday, May 28, 2009

I put this on my lord/my niece was 4 when she felt chinchilla*

4 blocks is nothing to be ashamed of, 7-foot-tall white man, but 2 tiny little points kinda is.

I like today, especially because it is the day following an evening in which a team that is not my team lost, and because on this day I can somehow combine that glorious, triumphant feeling with some VA & New Orleans coke raps. Make um say cohesion.

Like everyone else, I prefer a shirt-wearing, low-key, non-camera-whore-and-content-with-just-a-brief-cameo-in-someone-else's-video Weezy F.

* no way to tie this in with the overall theme of the post, but c'mon.
(It was a tie between this line and the "ox blood colored Porsche" line)


takabeats said...

b/c of your love for white basketball players:

Logan said...

Thank youuuu! Jesus, you know my likes and dislikes already and we barely know each other! Caucasoid humor makes my world go 'round! Thanks for paying attention, soldier. Gold star.

will.Z said...

Chris Anderson is by far my favorite Nugget He's chill too, met him at this local athletic club with my kids, he was nice enough to talk with them and sign my son's tshirt..

Right on Birdman.