Sunday, May 31, 2009

Assorted rap-ery: Biggie n' Dead Prez n' Heltah Skeltah n' Biggie again

Rappers* M1 hates = rappers I hate!
(Further proof that he and I are soul mates.

"Asher, make something else for me."

* loosely used

My mind's my nine/my pen's my Mac-10.

This is pretty and makes me feel nice inside when I stare at it.

(The fantastical Seb Lester again!)

Eskay redeems himself for past transgressions by posting this for my enjoyment:

Original, superior (those drums at the beginning and horns on the break, OMG, yes please), but video-less original version here.

2 among my large collection of boyfriends of Judaic persuasion are the ItsTheReal boys Jeff and Eric, who are so self-aware and ironic it hurts and bust on themselves for being pale-faced rap music aficionados and think they're funnier than they actually are. So basically they are pretty much me, except Jewish and cute and with boy parts.

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