Thursday, May 28, 2009

Oh Word? (Biggie/Mos/Hov/ODB/M.O.P./MCA/GZA/Larry David/Lou Reed/Kane/Gershwin edition)

In cash we trust cause it's ghetto fabulous, life look pretty
what a pity -- blunts is still fifty cents, it's intense

I figured I might get a dude to actually look in my direction if I tightened up my Place Names Etymology game. Today's word: BROOKLYN!

Dutch settlers in the 1600s named Brooklyn after a town called Breukelen in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. Breukelen = "broken land" in Dutch.



daniel said...

soo, do you wanna marry me or what?

Logan said...

Oh dear! I am already marrying "Brothers Gonna Work It Out" by Willie Hutch, the break from "Stiletto" and the entire A side of Criminal Minded. You and I can have a hot/sexy affair, though.

Daniel said...

affair sounds like a good idea though.

Gotta give props for the blog and send some love from sweden!

Logan said...

Awww, I feel the warmth of your love all the way out here...and hey, do you know Those Dancing Days? Like, personally? Because I'm pretty sure I need to meet and/or hang out with them.

Daniel said...

nah, sweden is actually pretty big.Everyone dont know eachoter...

we dont have any polarbears neither if you wondered.
Kinda funny that you know a group from my home country that I never heard about.